Redwood Base Print

$15.00 - $40.00

This tintype image captures the foundation of a redwood tree in Northern California, skillfully photographed with my handmade large format camera and a vintage 1910 Carl Zeiss lens. Adorned with moss and showcasing crisp bark details, the photograph encapsulates the rustic allure of this ancient woodland scene.

Alderleaf Artworks, where timeless beauty meets contemporary elegance. Our unique collection of photographic prints captures the essence of the past through the lens of the wet-plate collodion process, a vintage technique that imparts an ethereal quality to each image. Meticulously crafted and preserved with utmost care, these prints showcase the delicate interplay of light and shadow, bringing to life the rich textures and captivating stories frozen in time.

Printed on archival metallic paper using the renowned Giclee method, our photographs not only reflect the artistry of a bygone era but also ensure lasting quality for generations to come. Each piece seamlessly marries tradition with modernity, making them a striking addition to any space. Explore the beauty of the past reimagined for the present at Alderleaf Artworks and adorn your surroundings with these evocative prints that transcend time and leave an indelible mark on the soul.